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Costs of travel and accommodation


We will not cover costs for travel and accommodation incurred during auditions.

We will reimburse costs for traveling to the final round in Guetersloh as follows:

  • up to 1.000 Euros for contestants from Asia, Australia, South Africa, North and South America
  • up to 500 Euros for contestants from Eastern Europe
  • up to 250 Euros for contestants from Western Europe

Reimbursements will be made when original documents and receipts, scanned receipts or photocopies are being sent in. Contestants are obliged to take the shortest route between Guetersloh and their place of residence.

We will cover the cost of accommodation for participants during the final round. Only the costs for hotel rooms reserved by the Bertelsmann Foundation will be covered. Additional costs such as telephone, fax, cleaning services, mini-bar, etc. will not be covered.




Please note that appropriate dress is necessary for both the auditions and the final round in G├╝tersloh (formal dress for concerts).

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