Master class

Encouraging talents

As part of this one-week Master Class, the singers who are most deserving of support are given the opportunity work under the instruction of international artists to improve their vocal performance, musical expression, song interpretation, stage presence and other musical skills such as self-management, networking and interview training.

October 22-29, 2016

Training for voice & personality

11th International Masterclass, October 22-29, 2016 in Gütersloh

Experts with years of experience work with singers on their skills.

Vocal and Breathing Technique

Our teachers will work together with you on the resonance, tone and strength of your voice using special exercises and selected literature. They will also be able to give you valuable tips from their many years of professional experience.

Interpretation and Expression

How do I convey emotion with my voice? How do I find my own interpretation of an aria? How do I pass on my spark to the audience? These are all questions you will engage with as our teachers coach you on your pieces for the final concert.

Body Work and Mental Training

Mind and body work together as one entity. Our experienced trainers will coach you in both body and mind, helping you learn how to reliably call upon your abilities, even if you suffer from stage fright, and how to experience your own personal moment of excellence.

Self-management and Career Development

We will connect you with a partner from our extensive network, who will be able to advise you on any questions you may have about your career, including questions about networking, analyzing strengths and weaknesses, agencies, auditions and marketing.

"Alt und Jung"

In collaboration with the Bürgerstiftung Gütersloh (Gütersloh civic trust), we put on a concert for all generations with our masterclass participants as part of the masterclass week.

As part of a civic trust project, Gütersloh residents young and old regularly spend time getting to know each other over the course of a year and are invited to come to the dress rehearsal for our final concert to enjoy an extraordinary musical experience together. It’s a unique and wonderful experience for all who are there – and it’s a particularly special moment for our masterclass participants to be able to sing in front of such an audience. They gain important experience on their way to personal and artistic maturity.

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Graduating with Brilliance

The Master Classes traditionally end with a final concert in the foyer of the Bertelsmann Stiftung before an audience of 350 guests, including representatives of the cultural sphere, business and society at large.

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The NEUE STIMMEN (New Voices) masterclass traditionally culminates in a final concert in the Bertelsmann Stiftung foyer in front of 350 specially invited guests from the cultural sphere, the business world and society. This gives singers the opportunity to present their skills before an audience under realistic performance conditions.

Our experts

Alongside Artistic Director Gustav Kuhn, 2016 we will welcome Michelle Breedt, Roberto Scandiuzzi, Mental Coach Dr. Friederike Janofske and Movement Coach John Norris.