Digital Masterclass 2020

Musical film of Masterclass participants

L'amour de loin - Love from a distance

October 26–30 2020

Digital Masterclass 2020

During the International Master Class of the NEUE STIMMEN 2020, experienced experts worked on their skills together with the nominated singers for the first time in completely digital online courses.

Each singer received an individually tailored timetable with individual and group coaching. Joint warm-ups and daily exchanges about the newly experienced and learned skills topped off the master class days.

In this way, we tried to create a place where young artists could learn with and from each other in times where it was not possible to conduct the master class in person.

What will the digital working method be like?

Each of our international participants will be provided with a personalized timetable. This makes it possible to participate from all over the world. In specially created virtual rooms, the singers exchange ideas with each other or work one-to-one with the coaches. For our participants it is also possible to "hospitate" virtually and learn from each other.

What is the content of our workshops an coaching sessions?

Our singers not only work on voice and breathing techniques, interpretation and expression, they also receive valuable input in acting, mental training and bodywork. Our coaches respond to singers' questions on how to start a career and they provide information about their own experiences in the opera business. Several workshops deliver know-how on social media, streaming platforms and video formats. Others deal with issues concerning auditions agencies, castings and repertoire. 

How does a sense of togetherness emerge?

The individual, interpersonal interaction is an important aspect of our masterclass. We start the working week with a virtual welcome dinner together with all participants and coaches. Each morning all singers start the day off with a daily group warm-up and guided physical and mental exercises. Each evening, all meet again in a relaxed atmosphere during a call-out and exchange new learnings and experiences of the day. During joint activities such as cooking or game evenings, they can learn about country-specific features from each other' s home countries and grow together as a group.  

Where can we see the singers in action?

During the masterclass, ensemble pieces from various operas will be worked on musically and scenically. The individually recorded voices will be put together to form a film which will capture the artistic results and give an impression of the digital master class week. Using professional editing and video technology, a scenic-musical group work and a digital keepsake of the week is created.



I have learned so much. Not only about marketing [...], but above all about myself as an artist. What is important, where do I want to go, how can I achieve that.


- Jakob Kunath

Masterclass 2020: Interview with Liz Mohn



The week was so well organised and so much fun. I learnt so much and it was inspiring to connect with so many different people especially during these difficult times. You really put together such a wonderful schedule for everyone.


- Aebh Kelly