October 22 - 29, 2023

Masterclass Week in Gütersloh

Information about the Masterclass Week in Gütersloh

October 22 - 29, 2023

The International Masterclass NEUE STIMMEN has been running for 25 years. It traditionally takes place in Gütersloh in the years between two competitions. Outstanding talents who have applied to NEUE STIMMEN are invited to spend a week working with renowned coaches and learning with and from each other. At the end of the week, a festive final concert traditionally takes place in front of many guests from the fields of culture, business and society.


Here you will find a first week overview (subject to change): 

Week overview Masterclass 2023/24



Your Benefits

At the International Masterclass NEUE STIMMEN highly experienced experts work together with the selected singers on their skills.

Body & Vocal Coaching

Our coaches work with you individually and pass on valuable experience from their many years of artistic activity. Using your concert and audition literature, you will improve your stage presence, artistic expression, language and vocal skills.
Body and voice are one - and your instrument. You will learn how to use your body in such a way that your voice can develop optimally while singing and how to find the perfect balance between tension and relaxation. Through certain physical exercises, you will discover physical and mental "trigger points", through the release of which you can express yourself more freely vocally and musically.

Performance Psychology

Which psychological factors influence my performance? How do I personally achieve optimal results? Are there factors such as competitive pressure or audience expectations that spur me on to peak performance? Through individual coaching, we would like to help you define which mental states help you achieve optimal performance. With the help of experienced body and mental trainers, you will learn how to call on your skills with pinpoint accuracy when singing despite stage fright, how to develop your full potential and how to experience your personal "moment of excellence".

Social Commitment

As a singer, in addition to artistic and musical excellence, it is particularly important to assume social responsibility and to think outside the box. This begins with a good relationship with one's audience, which should be characterised by closeness, respect and the desire to give something back. Social commitment is an important part of developing one's own personality and more social togetherness, especially at the beginning of a career. We will go to schools and talk to the children together and experience the unifying power of music and singing. This opens up new perspectives on the world as well as your own effectiveness for them as well as for you.

Professional Development

Building reliable networks and continuous personal development are indispensable components of a sustainable career path. That's why it's important to us to bring you into contact with many people from our partner network and to give you suitable tools with which you can also work independently on your personal goals. The Staatstheater Augsburg and the Wilhelm Kempff Foundation will accompany us and you on the path of sustainable singer:in support, share their knowledge, invite you and open up a variety of spaces and performance opportunities. At the same time, we have developed a workbook for you that will support you in your development from the beginning of the Masterclass Series 2023/24.