Spencer Britten

Spencer Britten




Endrunde 2019

Meisterkurs 2020


2020 Borsa , Rigoletto (G. Verdi), Staatsoper Unter den Linden

2020 Heinrich der Schreiber , Tannhäuser (R. Wagner), Staatsoper Unter den Linden

2019 1. Gefangener , Fidelio (L. van Beethoven), Opera de Montreal

2019 Léon , The Ghosts of Versailles (J. Corigliano), Château de Versailles

2019 Triquet , Eugen Onegin (P.I. Tschaikowski), Opera de Montreal

2019 Prolog+Peter Quint , The Turn of the Screw (B. Britten), Opera de Montreal

2018 Guillot , Eugen Onegin (P.I. Tschaikowski), Vancouver Opera


2020/21 Internationales Opernstudio, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin (Deutschland)

2018/20 Mitglied im Atelier Lyrique der Opera de Montreal (Kanada)

2015/17 Master of Music, University of British Columbia (Kanada)


2019 Endrundenteilnehmer, NEUE STIMMEN-Wettbewerb, Gütersloh (Deutschland)

2018 1. Preis, Vancouver Opera Guild Career Development Grant (Kanada)

2018 1. Preis, Vancouver Opera Chorus Endowment Career Development Grant (Kanada)


Stand: Herbst 2020

What do you love most about singing?

I love being able to express deep emotions through music. Singing heightens the emotions a character is feeling, and being able to explore those feelings brings me great joy and catharsis.

How does your perfect day off look like?

Start the morning off calmly with some coffee on a balcony or by a window. I find connecting with the outdoors/nature brings me peace. Starting my day off like that is the best. Then if I can do some exercise and spend time with family and friends (probably over a meal...eating also brings me great joy) is a favourite way to use my days off.

Dog or cat?

Dog!!! They are such loving and loyal animals. I've always seen myself spending my evenings on the couch reading a book or watching tv with my dog cuddled up on my lap. One day!