Servus Vienna! Auditions on June 26 and 27
Competition 2017

Show Your Voice

Auditions ı April – August 2017

The auditions for the NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition start in New York on April 28.


Vienna Audition

On June 26 and 27 we welcome singers at the Wiener Staatsoper for auditions. The jury will include chairman Dominique Meyer.


Gothenburg Audition

On June 18, our Juror Brian Dickie welcomes 22 young talents at the GöteborgsOperan. Tommy Jonsson, a professional and mindful pianist whom we know from 2015, accompanies the singers.


Berlin Audition

For our biggest audition this year, almost 200 singers are expected to audition in Berlin from June 15 to 17.


Moscow Audition

On June 12 and 13 juror Evamaria Wieser is at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow for more NEUE STIMMEN auditions.


Warsaw Audition

20 singers will audition in Warsaw on June 11 in front of our juror Evamaria Wieser.

Kiev Audition

On June 10 and 11 our juror Evamaria Wieser will hear singers auditioning in Kiew.


Munich Audition

Servus Munich! The auditions are at the Gasteig on June 7 and 8. This time the jury consists of Brian Dickie, Evamaria Wieser and Elisabeth Sobotka.


Toronto Audition

The audition in Toronto takes place on May 24 at the Canadian Opera Company.


Amsterdam Audition

Our second preliminary round this week takes place at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where over 40 singers have been invited to audition on May 21.


Beijing Audition

At our second round of auditions in China, singers will present themselves on May 11 and 12.


Riga Audition

15 singers are competing in front of juror Evamaria Wieser on May 7 in Riga.


Vilnius Audition

The auditions in Europe start on May 5 in Vilnius, where 20 talents will sing before or juror Evamaria Wieser.


Los Angeles Audition

The last audition in the United States is taking place at the Music Center Los Angeles on May 3.


Chicago Audition

20 singers were invited to audition in Chicago on May 1 in the Lyric Opera.

With experience to success

Benefit from 30 years of experience in cooperation with experts from the music business


Benefit from world wide auditions

NEUE STIMMEN auditions take place in a professional setting. Members of the jury attend in person to seek out emerging talents. Use this to grab attention.


Benefit from our international partner network

NEUE STIMMEN cooperates with opera movers world wide and keeps close contact to important decision takers in the music business.


Benefit from our know-how

NEUE STIMMEN has 30 years of experience. Working with long-term partners - our internationally renowned jury, experienced pianists and coaches - we offer challenging and encouraging advice and support.


Benefit from long term support and encouragement

In addition to master classes and concerts NEUE STIMMEN offers workshops and individual coaching units dealing with career planning and self marketing issues.


Listening to music and wanting to produce it yourself is part of human nature. You can nurture it – and you have to nurture it!
Reinhard Mohn
Founder Bertelsmann Stiftung