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Live Audition Season is over

The live auditions for the current 2021/22 competition have been completed. The last audition took place in Milan on December 11. In total, live auditions were held in 12 cities. The final round will take place in Gütersloh from June 26 - 30. The qualified finalists will be presented on our website and social media channels in early 2022.

Applications are closed

The application process for the 2021/22 NEUE STIMMEN competition was open until June 13. Now our jury members Brian Dickie, Sophie Joyce and Evamaria Wieser are screening and judging the submitted application videos. All singers will be informed in late summer whether they are accepted for the live auditions.

Neue Stimmen Connect/Re-Connect

During the past weeks we had contact with Neue Stimmen singers from the 2019 competition on severeal occasions. What a great joy! We laughed together, admired each others hair-do and talked about private and career matters, of course everything via video. In the sense of Connect and Re-Connect, we would like to encourage everyone from the Neue Stimmen family to communicate with us and with each other. Together we are strong.

Second audition day

This morning, the last participants sang in front of our jury. But they still need to wait until the announcement of the semi-finalists in the afternoon.

Orchestra rehearsal

Today our semi-finalists meet and practice with the Duisburger Philharmoniker and conductor Jonathan Darlington. So thrilled already for tomorrow's semi-final concert that we will live stream on our website and on youtube!

First audition day

On Monday, 27 singers performed in front of the jury.

Official group photo

Today, the singers had their piano rehearsals in the Stadthalle Gütersloh.

Arrival of our singers

Finally! Our final round participants have sefaly arrived in Gütersloh!

With experience to success

With the NEUE STIMMEN the Bertelsmann Stiftung creates a big opportunity for young vocal talents from all other the world, to realize a future with a singing career. For 30 years, the Competition has served as a springboard and renowned platform for exceptionally talented next-generation singers. It focuses on discovering and supporting the world's best singers, who receive ongoing, long-term assistance not only during the competition, but also through master classes, concerts, seminars and coaching sessions.


Benefit from world wide auditions

NEUE STIMMEN auditions take place in a professional setting. Members of the jury attend in person to seek out emerging talents. Use this to grab attention.


Benefit from our international partner network

NEUE STIMMEN cooperates with opera movers world wide and keeps close contact to important decision takers in the music business.


Benefit from our know-how

NEUE STIMMEN has 30 years of experience. Working with long-term partners - our internationally renowned jury, experienced pianists and coaches - we offer challenging and encouraging advice and support.


Benefit from long term support and encouragement

In addition to master classes and concerts NEUE STIMMEN offers workshops and individual coaching units dealing with career planning and self marketing issues.


Listening to music and wanting to produce it yourself is part of human nature. You can nurture it – and you have to nurture it!
Reinhard Mohn
Founder Bertelsmann Stiftung