BEFORE you apply please read all our requirements, rules, and regulations carefully!

Competition dates:

Round ONE
Online applications: November 16, 2023 (12:00 CET) - February 11, 2024 (23:59 CET)

Round TWO
Live auditions: Spring to Summer 2024

Final round in Germany: October 5-12, 2024

Who can apply?

  • singers of all nationalities working towards a professional opera career

  • singers, who were born on October 13, 1993 or later 

  • No exceptions are possible with regard to the age limit

  • We reserve the right to not admit participants to the competition due to political developments

How to apply?

Online applications are built up in 7 steps and must include the following information:

  • Personal data and your choice for an audition city for round two

  • Repertoire for round two (5 arias from the compulsory repertoire)

  • Education

  • Two References      

  • Video recordings of 2 opera arias (one video per aria)

  • Copy of passport or ID with photo and date of birth (no driver’s licence)

  • Copy of head shot

    NO application fees are raised!

    Only complete applications with correct information will be accepted.


Video requirements:


Applicants must submit video recordings of 2 opera arias which adhere to the following requirements:

  • Both arias must be opera, but from two different operas

  • Both arias must represent contrasting musical styles

  • Both arias must be sung in different languages, always in the original language as written

  • Both arias must be sung in the original keys as written

  • Both arias must represent the same voice type/ fach

  • Both arias must be sung completely, if applicable with the accompanying recitative

  • Both arias must be sung from memory

  • Both arias may be chosen from the compulsory repertoire, but this it is not a requirement!

Technical demands:

  • One video per aria

  • Both videos must be specifically recorded for the Neue Stimmen competition, existing video material cannot be used

  • Both videos must be in an MP4-format

  • Each aria must be recorded in a single take

  • Do not edit the sound of the videos after recording! 
  • Recordings must be made entirely live, only with piano accompaniment

    (no pre-recorded backing tracks, no orchestra accompaniment)

  • Watch our tutorial video “How to produce a good audition video” before you start. This tutorial shows you step by step how to produce your own audition video
    Find the checklist from the video here: 


    Download Checklist

    Watch our tutorial video


Repertoire requirements for live auditions:

For round TWO applicants must choose 5 arias from the compulsory repertoire which adhere to the following requirements:

Three arias from three of these four periods

  • period 1: 1600 – 1750
  • period 2: 1750 – 1830
  • period 3: 1830 - early 20th century
  • period 4: 20th century


and two additional arias from different operas, periods freely selectable. One of these two arias may be chosen from operetta.


The choice of this five arias applies to live auditions and for the final round. 

You may choose arias that you have already performed in the video audition.

All selected arias must be prepared in their entirety, in the original language, in the original key, and with accompanying recitative.


In all live auditions and orchestral concerts, the arias are sung in the pitch of 440 Hz, including the baroque arias.

Compulsory Repertoire

Good to know for live auditions:

  • Piano accompanists and practice rooms will be provided at no cost to all participants
  • Costs for travelling to live auditions will not be covered
  • During live auditions, each singer will perform one or two arias from the submitted repertoire - the first aria may be chosen by him/herself, the second one (if requested) will be chosen by the jury 
  • The arias must be performed from memory
  • The full list of live audition cities can be found after November 2023 here : Competition
  • For information on the evaluation process:   


Go to evaluation

Also good to know...

  • An immediate qualification to the final round is not possible

  • Incomplete applications or incorrect information will lead to disqualification

  • The organizer reserves the right not to accept all applicants

  • NEUE STIMMEN Prize-Winners are NOT eligible to apply again

  • Prize-Winners (1-3 prize) commit to participate in the prize-winner’s-concert in spring 2025 in Berlin

Information on the final round

Costs of travel and accommodation

We will reimburse costs for traveling to the final round in Guetersloh as follows:

  • up to 1.200 Euros for contestants from Asia, Australia, South Africa, North and South America
  • up to 600Euros for contestants from Eastern Europe
  • up to 300Euros for contestants from Western Europe

Reimbursements will be made when original documents and receipts, scanned receipts or photocopies are being sent in. Contestants are obliged to take the shortest route between Gütersloh and their place of residence.

We will cover the cost of accommodation for participants during the final round. Only the costs for hotel rooms reserved by the Liz Mohn Stiftung will be covered. Additional costs such as telephone, fax, cleaning services, mini-bar, etc. will not be covered.



Please note that appropriate dress is necessary for the final round in Gütersloh (formal dress for concerts).

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