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Creating Careers Workshops

Are you an opera singer looking to navigate the complex world of taxes, contracts, and legalities? Look no further! Join us for two exclusive workshops tailored just for you!

Hosted by Uwe Steinkamp, a seasoned legal expert, both workshops will empower you with the knowledge you need to confidently manage your financial and contractual matters as an opera singer.

Reserve your place now! You can sign up for one or for both workshops.

No fees charged!

Workshop ONE: "Navigating Contract Law for Opera Singers"

Date: Monday, November 6, 2023
Time: 1 pm to 2.30 pm CET (Berlin time)
Where: Virtual Classroom / ZOOM

Workshop TWO: "Navigating Tax Law for Opera Singers"

Date: Monday, January 15, 2023
Time: 1 pm to 2.30 pm CET (Berlin time)
Where: Virtual Classroom / ZOOM

Write a short mail at with your name and choice of workshop(s).

Performing - Coaching - Networking

In cooperation with our partners, we set up and provide access to training and continuing education opportunities for young singers to encourage their long-term development and to provide them with support along the way.


Benefit from Experience

To raise awareness for own career goals, we offer workshops and individual coaching sessions as part of the competition.

Our master class is another format to support young talents in their professional development.

Brochure: Guide to Your Career

We have put together a guide for managing your own career as well as a list of the most important international contacts to help you with starting your career after graduating.

Our Study "Opernsänger mit Zukunft!"



What are the experiences of opera singers as they begin their careers? How does the opera business work? What awaits the artistic protagonists during their training and on their career path? Our study answers these questions against the backdrop of a detailed stocktaking, based on statistics and the authors' own surveys. Here, the authors point out future prospects: The focus is on training reforms and scenarios of alternative career options.

The publication can be ordered in German here

Open Master Classes

Bodycoach John Norris and artist agent Boris Orlob coaching participants during the OMC.
Enjoy watching!

Symposium - Berlin, May 23, 2018

The Future of Opera: What Lies Ahead?

At the NEUE STIMMEN symposium, prominent representatives of the opera industry came together with talented young vocalists and experienced singers to discuss such issues as types of employment, career prospects and future-oriented training for opera singers.
Deutschlandfunk Kultur accompanied us as media partner.

Vocal studies – and then what? In a culture of pop music and sensational events, does opera singing as a vocation still have a future? What kind of vocational training should a conservatory or music academy provide to meet the needs of the future? At the NEUE STIMMEN symposium, we met with talented young vocalists, experienced singers and prominent figures in the opera industry to discuss these and other questions relating to types of employment, career prospects and future-oriented training.

"Not only is it important to discover young talents, but also to advise them and provide them with long-term support."
Liz Mohn