Supporting talents

Three essentials: Performing - Coaching - Networking

In cooperation with our partners, we set up and provide access to training and continuing education opportunities for young singers to encourage their long-term development and to provide them with support along the way.


Conquer the Stage

Performing in concert gives your confidence, experience and know how for a demanding and competitive market.


Benefit from Experience

In collaboration with Bertelsmann Academy Workshops, we offer individualized coaching packages to increase awareness of your own career goals.

Brochure: Guide to Your Career

We have put together a guide for managing your own career as well as a list of the most important international contacts to help you with starting your career after graduating.


Grab attention, meet opera movers and built up your own network

Along with the Neue Stimmen team, a large international network of partners are ready

to help finalists take the next steps into the world of opera.


The Future of Opera: What Lies Ahead?

Symposium about career prospects and future-oriented training for opera singers

Vocal studies – and then what? In a culture of pop music and sensational events, does opera singing as a vocation still have a future? What kind of vocational training should a conservatory or music academy provide to meet the needs of the future? At the NEUE STIMMEN symposium, we met with talented young vocalists, experienced singers and prominent figures in the opera industry to discuss these and other questions relating to types of employment, career prospects and future-oriented training.

Symposium “The Future of Opera: What Lies Ahead?”, Berlin, May 23, 2018

At the NEUE STIMMEN symposium, prominent representatives of the opera industry came together with talented young vocalists and experienced singers to discuss such issues as types of employment, career prospects and future-oriented training for opera singers.


Prof. Dr. Holger Noltze

TU Dortmund University,
Professor of Music and
Media / Media Journalism,
journalist and television moderator

Table 1
What will opera look like in 2030?

© Kai Uwe Oesterhellweg

Helmut Seidenbusch

Bertelsmann Stiftung
Program Director, Discovering Music

Table 2
Money makes the world go around! Who are the winners/losers in the opera business?

© Astrid Ackermann

Alexandra Zöllner

Theaterakademie August Everding,
Munich, support, planning and
artistic production management,
Musical Theater / Opera study program

Table 3
What should contemporary vocal training entail?

© Sebastian Hänel

Prof. Andrea Tober

Professor of Music Management and Outreach,
Hanns Eisler School of Music,
head of the Berlin Philharmonic’s
education program

Table 4
What responsibilities do institutions of higher education have for singers’ careers?

© Rundfunkchor Berlin/Peter Adamik

Hans-Hermann Rehberg

Managing Director of the Berlin Radio Choir,
lecturer on music management and
career planning at Rostock University
of Music and Theater

Table 5
Connections are essential for artistic development – what are the responsibilities of mentors and agents?

© Privat

Prof. Dr. Klaus Siebenhaar

Managing Partner of the publishing company B&S Siebenhaar Verlag and
the Institute for Arts and
Media Management (IKMW), Berlin

Table 6
What role do ensembles play in an era of the “stagione” system?

© Zenaida des Aubris

Zenaida des Aubris

Consultant for international cultural events

Table 7
Vocal studies – and then what? What do new/alternative types of employment have to offer?

Lenka Radecky

Costume / Design / Mentoring

Table 8
Personal branding! How can I develop my own artistic identity?

Achim Müller

Director of Research and Project Management,
Institute for Arts and Media Management (IKMW), Berlin

"Not only is it important to discover young talents, but also to advise them and provide them with long-term support."
Liz Mohn