Evaluation system

Our evaluation system

What are the criteria to be evaluated?

These are the four evaluation criterias:

  • Technical skill
  • Musical presentation (rhythm, phrasing, expression)
  • Vocal quality
  • Artistic personality


Please note:

  • The evaluation system is identical during auditions and the final round
  • All four criteria are of equal value
  • Each of these categories will be rated with 0 - 5 points (5 points = top score)
  • In the event of a stalemate, age and the potential for development are the decisive criteria to qualify for the final round
  • Decisions of the jury are incontestable
  • Online applicants can retrieve their evaluation (given points) in the online application form about 3 days after their audition
  • Singers without access to the internet may call +49 5241 81 81171 to receive their marks



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