Dates, facts and people The NEUE STIMMEN Competition 2017!

Discovering talents

Long term partners contribute their know how

Many professionals with years of experience in opera making support our singers. In a combined effort the orchestra, the conductor and our pianists provide the contestants with active musical backing.

Our experts

Competent and committed

The international jury is made up of experienced professionals, including directors, conductors, pianists, music critics and casting directors, to guarantee the broadest possible understanding of the world of opera and music. Our experts have been working with young singers for many years and promoting opera talents is a cause very close to their hearts.

A look back on NEUE STIMMEN 2017

How to manager your own career

NEUE STIMMEN focuses on discovering and supporting the world's best singers and helping them both in terms of artistic and personal growth. Our contestants had the opportunity to work with a variety of renowned coaches to help them jump start their own careers.

Meet the next generation of opera stars!

16 singers have been chosen to sing in the semi-final concert of the 2017 NEUE STIMMEN competition.

Show your voice!

in the next two days our contestants will showcase their voices in front of our international jury. We are excited to find out who will make it to the semi finals!

The singers have arrived!

40 singers, 26 nations, 1 picture - The singers have finally all arrived in Gütersloh and the final round has started. We wish all our contestants the best of the luck in the coming days!


The International Singing Competition NEUE STIMMEN takes place every two years.
2019 is the next competition year. After a three months application phase auditions are held
world wide. The best performers qualify for the final round in Germany. Winners celebrate their success at the prize-winners concert.

Prize-winners concert ı February - March 2018

Celebrate your success

Prize-winners concert in Berlin in spring 2018

Prize-winners concert in Berlin 2016

Go to prize-winners concert


Grab attention

The online application for the next competition will start in 2019. Stay tuned!

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Women up to 28 years of age, *10/15/1988
  • Men up to 30 years of age, *10/15/1986

What are the evaluation criteria?

  • Technical skill & Voice quality
  • Musical presentation & Artistic personality

What do you need to prepare?

  • Five arias from the compulsory repertoire

What expenses will you encure?

  • No application fee
  • No costs for piano accompanists and practice rooms
  • No costs for travel & accommodation during final round

Auditions ı April – August 2017

Showcase your talent

Auditions are anticipated to be held from April to August 2019 at 24 locations world wide

Below please view detailed information on all dates, venues and members of the pre-selection jury.

Final Round ı October 2017

Meet opera movers

The final round of the competition is held in Germany from October 7 - 14, 2017. The semifinal and final concert will be accompanied by the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra under conductor Graeme Jenkins.

A schedule with all final round events can be downloaded below:

Our Awards

Promoting and supporting talented young singers


We will award a total prize money of 60.000 Euros to the top three female and three male prize-winners. In addition special money awards are given to selected finalists.

People's choice award

Winner of the people's choice award receives a voucher worth 500 Euros for sheet music from the Bärenreiter-Verlag.

Audio & Video

Each participant receives recordings of the audition round and the competition CD. The finalists also get YouTube video clips from their semi-final and final concert performances.


Contact brokering to general directors of opera companies and festivals as well as to agents, individual coaching units and career coaching seminars, and performances at the prize winners concert.